Leo Amery, contemporary stained glass.
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Leo amery vitrail art contemporain contemporary stained glass relief The studio is a new building of 190 square m2 ground space, which comprises an office, design room, cementing and sand blasting room, an acid-etching chamber with fume extraction, and the main studio of 110 square m2.

The main studio has 2 bay windows each of 5,50 m X 4,50 m with a mechanical racking system to view and work on large projects to natural daylight facing north north east.

The studio has a gas and an electric kiln for painting on glass, fusing, forming and bending glass.

The studio and Leo Amery’s technical expertise can be hired for the manufacture of large scale stained glass windows.

A stone built cottage with bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and living space is also available for an artist who wishes to supervise such a project.