Leo Amery, contemporary stained glass.
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Leo Amery has carried out in excess of 250 commissions predominantly for private clients, but also in public buildings. Leo has made windows to commission for clients in UK, France, Switzerland, Australia and USA.

Commissions in buildings open to the public include Knebworth House, Kenbworth (GB), Oratoire of the Church of the Trinity, Paroisse française, Berne (CH), Church of Creysse, Lot (F), Sandgate Hotel, Sandgate (GB), Walton Street Cycles, Oxford, (GB), restaurant Plein Sud and Auberge du Moulin à huile de noix, Martel, Lot (F)…
Commissioned work can replace an existing window, be fitted behind double-glazing, be sandwiched between float or safety glass in a triple glazing unit (glass, stained glass, glass) or hung in an existing window.


The usual procedure is as follows :
- discussion with the client on content style and colour.
- site visit (either in person or by photograph) to take into account existing light, and surrounding architectural and decorative features.
- preparation of 2 or 3 coloured sketches.
- after agreement on sketches , manufacture of window, delivery and installation.

Cost :

Cost is calculated by the square metre but varies according to :

- size (the bigger the window, the more the price per m2 can be reduced)
- quality of glass (glass price varies from 80 euros to 380 euros per square metre)
- quantity of pieces per square metre
- work on the surface of the glass (paint, acid-etching, silver stain etc…).

Price per square metre varies from 2 000 euros to 4 000 euros

The average price for fitting a window is 140 euros.
Delivery within a 100 kilometres radius of the studio is free, otherwise at the cost of client, as is packaging if necessary.
There is no V.A.T. charged (as “artist libre”, Leo Amery is currently exonerated from V.A.T.).
For precise details on any estimate, do not hesitate to contact Leo Amery.