Leo Amery, contemporary stained glass.
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The series are ordered more or less chronologically. The higher the series number the more recent the work.

- Exhibitions

Since 1985, Leo Amery has exhibited his work in both private and public gallery’s, as well as in national and international salons and exhibition centres.

Leo has his work in the permanent collection of the Glassmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark and the Musée du Vitrail de Cursay sur Vonne, France.

His work has been awarded with the Prix Départemental Arsène Maigne (Lot), 2001 and the Prix Départemental SEMA 46, Lot, (Société d’Encouragement aux Métiers d’Art), 2003.

Since 1995, Leo Amery has developed his own system of exhibiting stained glass (called stained glass relief) where the work is displayed on a wall, front-lit, but displaced by several centimetres from the surface of the wall, thus allowing for the reflection of colour and form, on to the wall behind. This preserves the primordial concept of the passage of light, yet enables the work to be hung and moved around as easily as if it were a painting.

Leo works with two gallery’s in Switzerland : Galerie Orly in Basle, and Galerie du Solstice near Neuchatel. Leo is always happy to discuss future exhibitions with other gallerys both in France and abroad.

Forthcoming exhibitions :

Privates exhibitions

08th march - 10th april 2019 La Lumière sculptée - Centre d'Arts Plastiques Firmin Marbeau à Brive La Gaillarde, F
Tuesday 12th nov - Saturday 23th nov 2013 Menier Gallery - Floor One 51 Southwark Street London SE1 1RU (GB) T. 020 7407 3222
10-17 october 2009 Beffroi, Mairie du 1er arrdt, Paris, F
11th november - 22th november 2008 Menier Gallery, London (UK) 51 Southwark Street London SE1 1RU - T. 020 7407 3222
11th october - 7th november 2008 Angela Mellor Gallery, Cambridgeshire CB7 4ES (UK) 38a St Mary’s Street, Ely - T. 01353 666675
11th october - 7th november 2008 Stained Glass Museum - Ely Cathedral (UK) Cambridgeshire CB7 4DL - T. 01353 660347
2006 Galerie du Solstice, Treycovagnes, CH
2002 Galerie du Solstice, Treycovagnes, CH
2001 Galerie Orly, Bâle, CH
  Mairie de Malemort sur Corrèze, F
2000 Musée Labenche, Brive, F
1998 Galerie Orly, Bâle, CH
1995 UBS, Gstaad, CH
1993 Gruttli Center, Genève, CH
  Espace St Cyprien, Toulouse, F
1988 Black Bull Gallery, London, UK
1984 Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK

Group exhibitions

25th - 27 th of october 2019 Éclats d'Art - Exposition collective à Vayrac 46110 Salle de la Mairie
3th, 4th, 5th june 2017 Jardin en Arts - Exposition collective à Lamothe Fenelon (F, 46350)
14th/10/2016 to 15th/01/2017 LA FARCE CACHÉE DE LA LUNE - Brive-La-Gaillarde (19) Expo plurielle Garage et Chapelle St-Libéral
2014 Nouvel Espace, Branceilles, F
October 2007 2ème Biennale du Verre, Carmaux, F
28th january - 20th february 2005 Cité des Métiers d'art à Limoges (87)
26th august - 22th september 2005 La Chantrerie, Cahors (F)
2003 2nd Salon d’Art Contemporain, Tulle, F
  Ladornac, F
2000 Château de Lacapelle Marival, F
  The Glassmuseum Ebeltoft, DK
1996 Février Création, Brive, F
1994 Février Création, Brive, F
1992 Barbican Center, London, UK
1989 Aalborghallen, Aalborg, DK
1986 Royal Institute British Architects, London, UK
1985 British Society Master Glass Painters, London, UK

Leo amery vitrail art contemporain contemporary stained glass relief

Leo Amery also has a small gallery space in the old manger of his barn, and is converting a larger exhibition area (90 m2) to exhibit other artists work as well as his own (scheduled opening 2007/2008).

To visit the gallery please contact us in advance.